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17 Annoying Things You Should Stop Saying To Young Married Couples

I get it, I'm young.

1. "I could never get married so young."

2. "Are you guys expecting?"

3. "Did you just want to be young parents?"

4. "Is it a religious thing? Like, are you guys virgins?"

5. "Is it for a visa?"

6. "You don't miss going out and having fun?"

7. "You couldn't just wait?"

8. "So you eloped?"

9. "What do you guys even do in your free time?"

10. "Don't you want to be more established in your life?"

11. "I just hope it doesn't hold you back."

12. "Everything is so different now, how do I even talk to you?!"

13. "The divorce rate is just soooo high."

14. "Have you even dated enough to know you want to be with this one person FOREVER?"

15. "Were your parents really disappointed?"

16. "Marriage isn't a game, you know!"

17. "Don't you feel like you're wasting your life away?"