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17 Annoying Things You Should Stop Saying To Young Married Couples

I get it, I'm young.

1. "I could never get married so young."


Awesome for you, don't get married young then!

2. "Are you guys expecting?"

Bravo / Via

Yeah, expecting a MARRIAGE.

3. "Did you just want to be young parents?"

NBC / Via

Maybe, maybe not. Two people can also get married without wanting to have kids ASAP (or at ALL), y'all.

4. "Is it a religious thing? Like, are you guys virgins?"

Bravo / Via

It's kind of a love thing.

5. "Is it for a visa?"

ABC Family / Via

IDK it might be for the whole everlasting devotion thing.

6. "You don't miss going out and having fun?"

E! / Via

Why do you think that just because I got married I'm suddenly in a prison.

7. "You couldn't just wait?"

Comedy Central / Via

Technically we could have, but we would have just been waiting until a time when YOU became less uncomfortable.

8. "So you eloped?"

TNT / Via

We could have. We could have not. Does it change things?

9. "What do you guys even do in your free time?"


You know, we sit at home staring at each other and chanting, "We're married now, we're married now," for eight hours every day.

10. "Don't you want to be more established in your life?"

Bravo / Via

Well, we've established our commitment to one another so that's good.

11. "I just hope it doesn't hold you back."

Walt Disney Studios / Via

Thank you for your concern, but I'm gonna need you to let me LIVE.

12. "Everything is so different now, how do I even talk to you?!"

PBS / Via

I'm married, I didn't suddenly lose everything that made me... me.

13. "The divorce rate is just soooo high."

Bravo / Via

So is this a congratulations or a warning?

14. "Have you even dated enough to know you want to be with this one person FOREVER?"

Comedy Central / Via

The whole point of marriage is me not wanting to date other people, yo.

15. "Were your parents really disappointed?"

NBC / Via

Only at that wedding price tag, ca-ching.

16. "Marriage isn't a game, you know!"

Columbia Pictures

And here I thought I was picking up a new hobby.

17. "Don't you feel like you're wasting your life away?"

E! / Via

No, but I do feel like I get to kick ass at life with my BFF by my side.

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