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23 Beauty Struggles Black Women Gotta Deal With

To chop or not to chop?

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1. People constantly ask if they can touch your hair.

when u 4-5 seconds from wildin’ #blackgirlproblems :)

(This happens way more than people think because for some reason we're a walking petting zoo.)

2. Trying to find out what makeup will look good on you when companies only use white models.

NBC / Via

Oh, and there's also one shade marked "dark" — you're either 10 shades of white or one shade of black.

3. Finding a foundation that matches your skintone is like winning the lottery.


Or you mix several different together like a professional potions master.

4. You'll place the last bobby pin in and then all of a sudden your BFF wants to chill.

"Sorry, I'm in for the night."

5. You spend 20 minutes every day putting on lotion but you're still ashy by lunch.

Bravo / Via

This is why you have your travel lotion and Vaseline in your purse.

6. You know that getting your hair done is no laughing matter.

*brings three meals and two books*

7. You spend hours trying to learn a new hairstyle.


"Wait so I twist over here and then braid over there — GODDAMNIT I GIVE UP!"

8. And combing your hair oftentimes means going to war.

When you combing your hair & your comb breaks < #blackgirlproblems

9. You could have a Ph.D. in choosing a lipstick color.


LOL "nude" colors.

10. You'll try to sleep without tossing and turning.

11. (It has literally gotten to the point where you've developed another sense.)

“@ScripchaSpitter: RT @JuanaKono: #blackgirlproblems ” it's actually true 😂😂

12. And trying to sleep with a freshly braided 'do is akin to torture.


Let me try this side — ow. Wait, let me try this position — ow.

13. You're still getting carded when you're 45.

NBC / Via

Black don't crack.

14. You'll do your hair without realizing what the weather holds.

"@YuPdaTeXiSt: Full Body Umbrella " when i straightened my hair on a rainy day @jazzybazzy20 #BlackGirlProblems 😂😂

It's a game of weather roulette EVERY DAY.

15. Having a chat every day with yourself about whether or not to do the big chop.

Bravo / Via

"I should. Wait, I shouldn't."

16. You have to deal with well-meaning friends with the dumbest of jokes.

"Haha OMG, yeah almost as dark as me!"

17. You have a 20-step routine to keep your curls looking good.


Shampoo, lightly condition, comb, twist, dry, squeeze, oil, braid, bun, pin, massage, dampen, sing a lullaby, play hide-and-seek, watch Frozen with them, and repeat.

18. Sometimes you'll get to the beauty supply store and see that your favorite hair isn't in stock.

20th Century Fox

I have never felt so lost as I do in this moment.

19. When you move to a new place, you have to find a new hairstylist/BFF/confidant.

Going away to school means having to look for a new hair salon/create a new hair regimen. #blackgirlproblems

"Hi, I was just wondering, do you have any experience in dealing with 'ethnic' hair?"

20. And then your go-to hairstylist says she's going on vacation.


How will I function?

21. You have to deal with the fact that your DNA can become a fad.

22. You always have to explain that black hair comes in all colors, styles, and lengths.


There's nothing wrong with natural curls, locs, braids, relaxed, weaved, short, long, straight, kinky — we're all beautiful.

23. And of course, "Is it real?" / Via

Well, it's REALLY on my head so you don't need to ask.

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