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How To Work The VMAs Red Carpet Like Miley Cyrus

It's easy!

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1. Wear an outfit that not only is a gorgeous showstopper, but also might actually draw blood if you try to hug someone.

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

Part duct tape, a dash of fishnets, a drop of crystals, a pinch of Zenon, some pretend locs, and bam — your outfit is done. If you look like a video game character who ran through 10 chandeliers on her way to a cosplay convention in Amsterdam, you've hit your mark.

2. Rock a power stance.

Legs spread, hands on hips. A pose like this is how you assert your presence in the boardroom. It's also the surest way to make combat inner-thigh chafing, which is important when you're wearing crotch crystals.