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    Let's Take A Second And Realize John Oliver's Awesomeness

    Hi John.

    HEY EVERYONE. We need to have a little talk. It's obvious that someone isn't getting the love that he so ardently deserves. He's dreamy, funny, intelligent, and straight up has one of the sexiest accents around.

    That's right, folks. JOHN OLIVER.

    Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images

    He is to our hearts what tattoos are to Justin Bieber.

    Just look at those eyes full of wisdom and an unfortunate camera glare. And those dimples! So round, so cute, so poke-able.

    Valerie Macon / Via Getty Images

    His beautiful gaze screams, "I thought the court order said stay at least 100 yards from me, girl."

    Oh, and don't forget the fact that he runs one of the smartest, most hilarious shows on TV right now.


    I'm looking at you, Last Week Tonight.

    Seriously. John has this insane ability to boil down political strife, civil wars, net neutrality, and more into easy to digest concepts us plebes can get behind.

    Don't believe me? Check out his masterful takedown of FIFA in burns so swift you didn't even see them coming.

    View this video on YouTube

    Yeah it's a long video but SO WORTH IT.

    But John isn't just the funny, smart, and hot AF dreamboat we all think he is. He also uses his show to try and — gasp — make a change.

    Look how distinguished he looks in this pic. He should run for president. Oliver 2016!

    Valerie Macon / Via Getty Images

    Ah crap, nevermind — he's a Brit, remember?

    Mark Davis / Via Getty Images

    Damn Brits get everything: Adele, high tea, the Duchess of Cambridge, Idris Elba.

    It's OK John, we still love you. (And we know you love America more anyway.)


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