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S.O.S. My Love For Dev Patel Has Taken Over My Life

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I'm in love with him. Well, I guess I really, really like him 'cause I've never met him and saying "I'm in love with him" sounds weird and a lil' stalker-ish. And now I'm rambling but I can't help it! Dev makes me nervous! Look at his face!

I know a lot of people "discovered" Dev this past year since he was nominated for every goddamn award under the sun for Lion, but I gotta be honest — I've loved him since he played the delightfully awkward Anwar in Skins.

It didn't help, of course, that Dev was nominated for a freakin' Oscar for his performance. You know what that means? He showed up to like a thousand events in a suit.

Not to mention that Dev frequently interacted with his Lion castmate Sunny Pawar, which made my ovaries inject steroids, bench press 300 pounds, and then collapse into tears.

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