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    Helen Mirren's Instagram Is The Most Delightful Thing You'll See Today


    Hey guys. It might have been a stressful day/week/month/year for you. But I'm here with a momentary answer to all of your problems. And the answer is: Helen Mirren.

    She's the best right? Well, did you know she has an Instagram? It's pretty much the most pure and wonderful thing on social media.

    She enjoys taking shots of people in New York.

    Like these two women on the subway, who I assume are the luckiest two girls on planet Earth.

    And Helen also loves selfies.

    Selfies galore.

    Honestly, the best selfies. The only selfies that should be on Instagram.

    Here's a half-selfie of her doing the Women's March.

    And just look at this bath! She loved it so much she posted it TWICE.

    She also likes to share sneak peeks of the ~glam~ process of the Hollywood elite.

    Helen, never change. PLEASE.