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I Don't Care What You're Doing Just Listen To Harry Styles And Stevie Nicks Sing "Landslide" RIGHT FUCKING NOW

It's the duet I never knew I needed.

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Harry Styles.

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Stevie Nicks.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

One is the former* One Direction member who just embarked on his solo career. The other is a music legend whom I really hope you've already heard of.

*Or current. Some say they're on a hiatus, some say it's forever.

Even if you haven't heard of Stevie herself (if so, shame on you), then you've definitely heard one of the most famous songs of all time, "Landslide." Sure, the Dixie Chicks came out with their version that was very good but nothing beats the Fleetwood Mac original.

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Well, during a show on Friday night in Los Angeles, Harry decided to bring Stevie out on stage to sing "Landslide." And I have a lot of thoughts. Most of them having to do with moving to England to marry Harry.

Oh my fucking god they duetted on "landslide"

Yep, it's THAT good.





@BeanWatt_ @speriod this is my breaking point .,,.,., two ghosts, landslide, leather & lace ,,.. i feel god in this chilli's tonight

Thanks, Harry and Stevie, for the duet we didn't know we wanted, of a song that we all don't deserve.

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