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23 Plus-Size Gym Clothes You Won't Have To Sacrifice Your Style For

Be just as spunky in the gym.

1. Torrid Active Goal Digger Tank Top, Torrid, $34.50

[Insert Kanye West joke here].

2. Plus Size Active Pullover, Forever 21+, $15.90

Yeah, this look is pretty much the definition of Cool Girl Chic.

3. C9 Champion Women's Plus Size Tech T-Shirt, Target, $10.50-$11.90

This perfect basic comes in ALL of the colors so you can be a different color of the rainbow every day of the week!

4. Plus Size Tank Top With Open Tulip Back, Maurices, $29!2093700531?expcsl=1349501%7c%7c&productId=71056336!2093700531?expcsl=1349501%7c%7c&productId=71056336

The front says, "I look cute for spin class." The back says, "I'm about to kick everyone's ass in spin class."

5. Emilia Long Sleeve Plum, Rainbeau Curves, $34.95

A shirt that's cute AND long-sleeved for winter? Yes. Please.

6. Torrid Active Skull Tee, Torrid, $34.50

For when you're dying during crossfit but still look cute AF.

7. Blossom Tank Top, Malesh Activewear, $52

One of those wear-anytime-tanks that you'll never get sick of.

8. Plus size sheer striped tee, Maurices, $29!2093700531?expcsl=1348731%7c%7c&productId=71056356!2093700531?expcsl=1348731%7c%7c&productId=71056356

Honestly this shirt is so cute you could probs wear it out to a bar.

9. Pink Lotus 'Refresh' Graphic Tee, Nordstrom, $46


10. Nola 3/4 Sleeve Screen Print T-Shirt, Addition Elle, $45

This tee comes in several different designs, which is good because I hear mantras are a positive thing to have around.

11. Plus Size Graphic Leggings, Forever 21+, $24.90

Tell me these don't look badass and I'll call you a LIAR.

12. Jaclynn Print Legging Radiance Plum, Rainbeau Curves, $25.99

For the Jackson Pollack and Barre fan.

13. C9 Champion Women's Plus Size Performance Legging, Target, $18.90-$21.00

Working out in these will never make you feel blue. GET IT?!

14. Plus size capri legging with openwork, Maurices, $34

This is how you look fly in Zumba class.

15. Nike 'Tempo' Print Track Shorts, Nordstrom, $35

Picture yourself in these shorts running away from all the people trying to steal your style.

16. Women's Plus Yoga Leggings, Old Navy, $28

For those who want a more subdued pattern, look no further than dark stripes!

17. Sprinter Shorts, Malesh Activewear, On sale for $29

These are the perfect I-ain't-tryna-blend-in shorts to get through your workout.

18. Signature Stretch Knee Short, Lane Bryant, $19.95-$25.95

Length? Check. Color? Check. Style? CHECK.

19. Plus Size No Days Off Sports Bra, Forever 21+, $19.90

Oh shit AND it's got a zipper? Sign me up.

20. Medium Support Racerback Plus Size Sports Bra, Old Navy, $29

So you can inspire the person running behind you.

21. Torrid Active Star Print Sports Bra, Torrid, $38.50

And you best be getting at those matching leggings too.

22. Plus Size Medium Impact Marble Print Sports Bra, Forever 21+, $17.90

Ah now I know why all those people in ancient times liked marble — it looks pretty bomb.

23. High-Support Plus-Size Sports Bra, Old Navy, $32

You get support, plus a cool futuristic look to go along with it.

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