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    This Is What Happens When You Play "Never Have I Ever" With Gerard Butler And Angela Bassett

    "Almost shot my foot off by the way."

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    Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett are two of the badass stars of London Has Fallen. But do their hardcore been-there-done-that attitudes translate from their characters to their real life? Well, it's time to find out!

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    Since Gerard spends a lot of time shooting a prop gun in the flick, we had to ask if he's shot one in real life. He totally had — and apparently it was dan-ger-ous.


    Gerard Butler: Almost shot my foot off by the way — first time. It was a Magnum .45 in Alaska and they were showing me how to fire and I was terrible. And I was like shooting at cans, kept missing and I'm holding the gun and I fired it into the ground and could have shot my foot off. They took it off me never to fire again. And I said, "I have a future in action movies!"

    Then we just had to ask if they've ever been mistaken for another celebrity because could you imagine THAT problem?


    BuzzFeed: Who?

    Gerard: I get Clive Owen and Russell Crowe.

    Angela Bassett: I get Lynn Whitfield.

    But what about Googling yourself? Pretty sure if we were famous we'd Google ourselves like every five minutes.


    Gerard: Oh come on — everyday!

    Angela: I don't want to see. I don't want to see the lies they're telling!

    Gerard: No but when I'm kissing some skanky woman in a car park and I see flashes then I google and say did they find that?

    Soon it was time to see if the two superstars had ever embarrassed themselves on set — even celebrities have their awkward moments!


    Angela: Hmm not that I recall.

    Gerard: Shooting Attila the Hun, I had to fight a lion — they used a dead, stuffed lion — and I had to roll around and create all the kind of friction myself. And the lion was so obviously dead.

    Angela: The friction — oh that's awful!

    Gerard: So it was folded and it was so heavy and I'm getting sawdust in my eye and I didn't want to do it but I did it and I'm rolling around with this lion and I finished and the whole set was like [trying to keep in a laugh] because it just looked ridiculous.

    Angela: You had to go full lion.

    Gerard: Full lion!

    Have you ever wondered if celebs get to use their ~famous faces~ to get out of a speeding ticket? Well these two apparently have.


    Gerard: On Olympus Has Fallen, we were doing a script writing session and I was so angry — it wasn't going well at that point — and I was driving down the freeway at 150 miles an hour. And I remember, 'cause I get crazy as you [Angela] know, and I remember going, "I don't care if I live or if I die!" and I drive past a police car and it puts its lights on before I even get past it and I'm like, "That's it."

    Angela: They didn't even need to put the speed gun on you — they know you.

    Gerard: He could see I was flying so fast! And then he pulled me over and he went, "Oh you're Gerard Butler! How you doin'? What are you doing in town?" and then I was OK. I shouldn't tell these stories.

    How do they feel about cheesy pick-up lines? Turns out Gerard's more of a fan than Angela.


    Angela: Of course not.

    BuzzFeed: [To Gerard] Do you have a go-to?

    Gerard: Can I buy you a drink or would you rather just have the money?

    And everyone likes karaoke right? Well Gerard and Angela definitely do!


    BuzzFeed: What's your go-to song?

    Gerard: Today's gonna be the day that they're gonna bring it back to you — "Wonderwall."

    Angela: Oh god um... I'm defying gravity, I think I'll try — you know on and on and on.

    Gerard: No! Go — that was awesome!

    OK time for some real talk... had they ever used someone else's toothbrush without telling them? The answer will probably make you go ewwwwwww.


    BuzzFeed: You guys are monsters!

    Gerard: And not to brush my teeth!

    Angela: Oooooh.

    BuzzFeed: Oh my.

    Angela: You mad at somebody? You mad. Just getting back, so spiteful.

    Gerard: "I don't remember it being this color."

    Finally, since their characters find themselves in some precarious situations, we had to ask if either of them had a life-or-death experience IRL.


    Angela: No, thank god.

    BuzzFeed: [To Gerard] Totally, why?

    Gerard: Well a few times but one on a movie, Chasing Mavericks, where I went under for a long time, one of the biggest waves in the world. And I spent the night in hospital and the next day they had to jumpstart me because it was pretty bad on the ol' ticker.

    Catch Gerard and Angela in London Has Fallen, out in theaters Friday, March 4!

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