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Gal Gadot Pretended To Be Kendall Jenner On "SNL" And It Was Both Funny And A Lil' Sad

"Who am I?"

Gal Gadot: actor, badass, mother, and my future wife.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

You probably recognize her as Wonder Woman, which kicked ass and will inspire a million Halloween costumes this year.

Warner Brothers

Well, on Saturday Gal also hosted Saturday Night Live and in one sketch really showed off her comedic timing. She played Kendall Jenner in a taped segment called "E! New Line Up." Just watch it:

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NBC / YouTube / Via

Also special shout-out to the possibility of a Where's Kanye? and Down Home with Blake & Gwen because I would watch the shit out of those.

10/10 would watch a show starring Gal Gadot as Kendall Jenner AND Gigi Hadid with Kate McKinnon as Bella Hadid.

NBC / Via

And definitely would watch Gal/Kendall get lost in a mansion for 30 minutes a million times a week.

NBC / Via


NBC / Via

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