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Gal Gadot Pretended To Be Kendall Jenner On "SNL" And It Was Both Funny And A Lil' Sad

"Who am I?"

Gal Gadot: actor, badass, mother, and my future wife.

You probably recognize her as Wonder Woman, which kicked ass and will inspire a million Halloween costumes this year.

Well, on Saturday Gal also hosted Saturday Night Live and in one sketch really showed off her comedic timing. She played Kendall Jenner in a taped segment called "E! New Line Up." Just watch it:

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NBC / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Also special shout-out to the possibility of a Where's Kanye? and Down Home with Blake & Gwen because I would watch the shit out of those.

10/10 would watch a show starring Gal Gadot as Kendall Jenner AND Gigi Hadid with Kate McKinnon as Bella Hadid.

And definitely would watch Gal/Kendall get lost in a mansion for 30 minutes a million times a week.