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22 Reasons Why "Clue" Is Your Favorite Movie

"Flames on the side of my face."

1. Because the punchlines come so quickly that every time you watch the film, you catch something new.

2. Like, you can’t stress enough how good this dialogue is.

3. Because Tim Curry was born to play Wadsworth.

4. Because Mrs. White will forever be your favorite.

5. Plus she had some pretty awesome — and pretty terrifying — marriage advice.

6. Because the physical comedy was pure gold.

7. Seriously.

8. Because dropping a dead cook with a knife in her back is the least ridiculous thing to happen in this movie.

9. And because watching Mrs. White make out with a dead Mr. Boddy to throw off a cop might be the most ridiculous thing to happen in this movie.

10. Because no matter how many times you watch the scene, Mrs. Peacock's faint will still make you cackle.

11. Because Mrs. White was really into that independent-woman kind of thing.

12. Because the sexual innuendos were off the charts.

13. And because its nods to other works were ever so masterful.

14. Because Clue taught us the importance of math.

Plus one plus two plus one plus two plus one.

15. And it also taught us the importance of chandelier safety.

16. Because "I am your singing telegram" is probably still stuck in your head.

17. Because Mr. Green is a freakin' national treasure.

18. And his defense was truly top-notch.

19. Because this movie taught us more about American society than anything on the History Channel.

20. Because only Clue could make a murder mystery this fun.

21. Because just when you think you know what’s going on, this happens.

22. And everything about this. EVERYTHING.