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Ellen Brought A Navy Officer Home To His Girlfriend And Jesus, I'm Freakin' Sobbing At My Desk

And that's how you get me to cry.

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Ellen DeGeneres is the best. This is just a fact.


But in case you need further proof, just look at what she did for her fan Maura Gonsalves. Watch. WATCH NOW.

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Maura's boyfriend Noah Copeland, who's a supply officer in the United States Navy, wrote a letter to Ellen in honor of her 60th birthday this week. Noah has been deployed for over a year, and told Ellen how much of a fan Maura was of her. JUST LOOK AT MAURA'S REACTION WHEN ELLEN STARTS READING THE LETTER.

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Ellen then brought Maura on stage to get to know her a bit. Apparently Maura watches the show every single day and will even facetime Noah as she watches it!!!

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Ellen decided to surprise Maura with some VIP tickets to her birthday show, but who was holding them? None other than Noah.

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This is the cutest shit I've ever seen.

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In case that wasn't enough, Ellen also gave Maura a six-night trip to HAWAII.

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Maura and Noah had planned on going to Puerto Rico at some point, but were so saddened by the effects of Hurricane Maria that they donated the money for the trip to relief efforts.

Just applause and heart and crying emojis all around, people.

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