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Dylan Sprouse's Live-In Girlfriend Hasn't Met His Twin Cole Yet

"I still haven't met the brother."

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin have been dating for eight months now and they are a very beautiful couple. They even moved in together!

But they also seem perfect for each other personality-wise. I mean, how cute is this video of them hanging out on Barbara's day off?

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Also, Dylan brought Shake Shack for Barbara after she walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Presh.

Anyway, Barbara and Dylan did a whole photoshoot and story for W Magazine and the photos are straight fire.

Plus, there are some very adorable anecdotes like how Dylan slid into her DMs, how they love to watch anime together, and how, according to Barbara, "With Dylan, everything seemed so easy."

But then another quote caught my eye. Apparently Barbara has yet to meet Cole Sprouse. You know, DYLAN'S TWIN BROTHER.

After Barbara said, "I still haven't met the brother." Dylan responded, "Soon! Cole works in Vancouver. He’s a very busy guy.”

They did say, however, that Dylan has been to Barbara's native Hungary twice to meet her parents, and Barbara has met the rest of the Sprouse clan so there's that.

Honestly, whatever, I am so pulling for these two!!!