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David Parnes And James Harris Take Our "Which 'Million Dollar Listing' Agent Are You?" Quiz

So who will it be?

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David Parnes and James Harris are best friends, real estate agents, and two of the stars of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. Sure they've dominated the LA real estate game but what happens when they have to work together to take our quiz: "Which Million Dollar Listing Agent Are You?" Are they more Josh Altman? Ryan Serhant? Find out!


But then the boys had a little trouble agreeing on a dream home.


David: That's an interesting question, actually. I'm gonna say the countryside. That's where I want to get married—

James: I'm going for the lake.

David: Listen, you don't wanna be on the lake 'cause you're gonna have bugs and—

James: I like fishing!

David:I understand but you don't want to live ON the lake—

James: I do, I want to sunbathe and fish.

David: You look out your window you see green, beautiful—

James: OK, countryside.

Since they're good ol' fashioned British boys, it's pretty obvious that they would want some tailored suits.


David: Tailored.

James: Oh for sure that's an easy one. Tailored. No need to disagree there.


What about favorite popstars? Would they be able to agree on that?


James: If I wanted to be a popstar, it's gotta be Beyoncé.

David: I'm kind of thinking Rihanna.

James: She is a pretty badass chick. Bitch better get my money!* I'll take Rihanna.

*Should be "Bitch better have my money" but valiant attempt, James!


But would they want to time travel to the past or stay in the present?


David: That's a very good question, actually.

James: I'm quite happy where we are.

David: Let's just see though if we could. I'm kind of liking the 1940s.

James: Gangster days! Gangster days!

David: 1960s.

James: Done.


The royal family is a pretty big deal in England, let's see if these Brits could handle choosing their favorite.


David: I like Harry.

James: What about the kid? He's just made it.

David: But he hasn't done anything yet! Harry's a character.

James: Harry it is.

As it turns out, David and James weren't really fans of school but David made the executive decision to click on Math.


James: Is there a "None of the above?"

David: Maths, 100%.

James: Well hang on a second, I hate Maths.

David: You hate Maths?

James: We've got to agree.

David: Maths is the best.

James: It is if you like it.