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    Adam Pally Answers 13 Questions About Dating

    You asked, and he's here to answer.

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    Let's state the obvious: Adam Pally is pretty much the best. Just watch Happy Endings and The Mindy Project, and imagine life without him. Adam is in a new movie called Slow Learners, where he plays an unlucky in love dude trying to reinvent himself with his best friend, played by Sarah Burns.

    Luckily for us, Adam is way better at relationships in real life, and decided to answer your burning questions about hooking up, dating, and everything in between. Check out his sound advice below.

    1. What happens when you meet someone you click with that lives far far away? Pursue it or leave it? —Erin LaSage via Facebook

    You pursue it 100%. I think that if you're meeting someone that you click with, that's the most important thing and location should not even be considered as a problem. Because if you really do connect, you could always get over location.

    2. What is your best first date idea? —greekTVgeek via BuzzFeed

    My best first date idea is something low key in a crowd. That's a good meet up — you don't wanna start with a dinner or coffee, it's too intimate right away. You wanna do something where you can both focus your energy out and then talk about it after.

    3. How [do you] tell your S.O. that they smell? —sarah4cb83c04e via BuzzFeed

    I think you wanna be honest about it and just be like, "You smell right now — it's not bothering me, I'm into it, but you do smell."

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    4. Any advice for an almost 29 year old who has never dated and is not sure where to find single guys? —Denise Fellin via Facebook

    I'd say: Get on your phone and download a couple apps. There's like a billion dating apps. And start watching reality television — everyone seems to be dating on reality television.

    5. When should you have the "define the relationship" talk? How do you have it? Or do you not have it because it's a sure fire way to send them heading for the hills? If you don't label it, how do you let them know you don't want them to plow other people besides you? —mirandaugh via BuzzFeed

    It's hard because usually in a relationship, one of the partners is trying their hardest to avoid the "State of the Union" address while the other is trying desperately to have [it], so it's difficult but I'd say if you're feeling it, let it fly. It's always better after the State of the Union because you either know that there's not gonna be a good result or there's gonna be a great result.

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    6. A guy I like spending time with always waits for me and walks me to my car after group outings. Is this just gentlemanly behavior or could it be more? He has yet to ask for my phone number but chats over Facebook, should I just give him mine even though we already have an open form of communication? —katieb4307e4f12 via BuzzFeed

    It is 100% more.

    7. How hard is it really to just put the toilet seat down? —Kristina Casey via Facebook

    It's so hard! I will say, the other night I got wasted and I came home and had to take a shit. I went to the bathroom and I forgot that I had left the toilet seat up. So I shat with the toilet seat up and you know what? It wasn't that fucking bad so everyone get over it, sometimes [we] leave it up because we're busy and we're in a rush. You get to leave it down, you don't have to do anything. I don't wanna hear it!

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    8. How do I tell one of my best guy friends that I like him? I know this is a cliché question and I can always find the answer somewhere else but all those other sites say “Just tell him” if only it was that simple. —hoodiesandsweats via BuzzFeed

    I would say don't tell him. I would say go out with him, have a few drinks, touch his arm by accident and everything else will be fine.

    9. Every crush I’ve had recently has seemed to have potential… until each and every one of them has called me one of their “bros.” How come I’m just making friends with them and they won’t see me as a girl?! What can I do? —naomib4d37bcc5d via BuzzFeed

    This is dangerous, I just realized how dangerous territory this whole bit is. You're not giving off enough of a vibe to tell them that you're romantically interested.

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    10. Does friends with benefits actually work out or is it just a myth that ends terribly? —bridgittetellez via BuzzFeed

    I think friends with benefits usually works out, especially if you're mature enough to be cognizant of the fact that there's both an attraction sexually and mentally but you're not ready to be in a relationship. Most likely, you should be pushing to get into a relationship with that person because they get you.

    11. How do I get a bae? And what do I do once I achieve a bae? —kawaiipanda87 via BuzzFeed

    You know I just found out that bae stands for "before anyone else" so it's super easy to get a bae. I could pick up an inanimate object. Everything's bae if you like it before someone else.

    Jessica Chou and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    12. How do you know when you've found the "one"? —liebe764 via BuzzFeed

    You know when you've found the one when you're not thinking, have I found the one?

    13. How would you like to be proposed to? Will you marry me? —JazminGiovanna via BuzzFeed

    Yes, I will marry you. You will have to be wife number two. That's OK, I have a compound set up, it's very similar to Big Love — have you ever seen that show with Bill Paxton? That's kind of the way I run my polygamist household so sure, you're in.

    Macey J. Foronda and Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

    Slow Learners is available now on VOD and in theaters September 4th!