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    ATTENTION: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Now Single

    Listen up: Cristiano can now be yours.

    You guys, a very important event recently occurred.

    Harold Cunningham / Via Getty Images

    Cristiano Ronaldo aka your boo, has broken up with his supermodel girlfriend, Irina Shayk, aka your nemesis.

    Carlos Alvarez / Via Getty Images

    K bye, Irina.

    Other people might be shocked at this news. They did, after all, date for five years.

    Denis Doyle / Via Getty Images

    But you weren't surprised. Cristiano and Irina were never gonna last. Know why?

    Philipp Schmidli / Via Getty Images

    Because Cristiano is YOUR boo.

    CR7 / Via Getty Images Handout

    And you knew that for the past five years, he's woken up from a horrible nightmare in which you, his boo, are not lying next to him.

    All of the awards he's won...

    Denis Doyle / Via Getty Images

    All of the accolades...

    Gregorio Cunha / Via AFP / Getty Images

    ... are for you, his boo.

    CR7 / Via Getty Images

    Every time Cristiano celebrates a goal, he's really thinking, "I hope my boo is proud of me."

    Lars Baron / Via Getty Images

    And YOU'RE the boo.

    Denis Doyle / Via Getty Images

    You. Are. His. Boo.

    So I hope you're ready for the rest of your life, because Cristiano is ready to share his cake with you.

    CR7 Underwear / Via Getty Images Handout

    Your boo is ready and waiting!

    CR7 / Via Getty Images Handout


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