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Christie Brinkley Took All Of Her Kids To Italy And The Pictures Are Amazing

Take me to there.

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This is Christie Brinkley. She's one of the OG supermodels and kind of a big deal.

This summer, Christie decided to go on vacay with her fam and luckily for us, 'grammed the dream trip along the way.

Do you think Christie Brinkley would be like all the other celebs and get a yacht? Nope. She's an original so she got herself a glorious sailboat.

Then she gathered her three gorgeous kids...

... and they did some explorin'.

As you can see, each of Christie's kids are also #stunning. Look at that glow Alexa got from her mama!

And Jack looks like a star from a Fellini film.

Youngest Sailor had a little photoshoot with her mom. We see where this is going.

Christie wasn't going to let all her kids hog the camera, though. Here she is doing that whole supermodel thing.

My family vacations totally look like this.

What's that you say? Sorry, I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER MY TEARS.

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