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Chris Rock Made A Joke About Lamar Odom And Khloé Kardashian

Too soon?

This is Chris Rock, famous comedian and recently announced host of the 2016 Oscars.

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And this is Lamar Odom, professional basketball player, with his wife, Khloé Kardashian. Last week, Lamar was found unconscious with drugs in his system in a Nevada brothel and is now recovering.

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

Khloé and Lamar were in the process of getting a divorce when the tragedy occurred, but she withdrew the divorce petition this week.

Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images

But what does Chris Rock have to do with the situation? Well people are talking after Chris tweeted a joke by comedian Chip Dwyer about the couple calling off their divorce:

The reactions are pretty mixed. Some think it's funny AF:

@chrisrock this is hilarious lmfao #accurate

bahahaha Truth hurts people! @chrisrock just posted what too many of us were thinking.

@chrisrock Best. Tweet. Ever. Coffee successfully spit out on desk. #winning #thetruthhurts #BestTweetEver

While others were not very pleased:

@chrisrock Chris I like u but am disappointed n u 4 this joke about Lamar. The man is still ncritical condition. Have some ❤️ Chris #notcool

@chrisrock Too soon. shame on you, Rock

And then some are just kind of chilling in the middle:

@chrisrock that's cold. Funny but cold.

  1. What do you think? Did Chris's joke go too far?

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What do you think? Did Chris's joke go too far?
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    Yes — it's way too soon.

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