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31 Famous Crushes You're Still In Love With

Remember when you thought you knew who your soulmate was at age 10?

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community which celebs they crushed on during their childhood. These were the hilarious responses:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

20th Century Fox

"When I was 11, I was obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. I recently found letters I had written him, but not sent. One read 'I may only be 11, but I've been told I look/act like I'm 13'... Yep. Damn Tiger Beat." —Kate Sherman-Munro, Facebook


2. Colin Firth


"I’m not going to lie. The answer is Colin Firth. I mean, I seriously thought that we were going to get married, have kids, the whole nine yards. Did not realize that he was old enough to be my father, nor did I know that he already had a wife and child. I don’t even know why it was either — maybe it was that ‘I like you just the way you are’ speech in Bridget Jones’s Diary or the proposal in Portuguese in Love Actually." —jessicam64892

3. Tommy From the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Jason David Frank)


"Apparently I didn't love him in green in the TV series, but the white suit really did it for me. I then proceeded to talk to my mom into letting me take karate lessons and tried to get her to let me audition to be on the show. She wouldn't, but it's because I was five." —Sarah Kelley, Facebook

4. Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) From Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

"I had seen the fourth Harry Potter and had immediately fallen in love with Cedric Diggory. I remember soon after my parents had taken my sister and me to a movie, and I saw the poster for New Moon and yelled to everybody that it was the hot guy from Harry Potter. And that is the story of how my sexuality was awakened (and announced) in the fifth grade. Robert Pattinson remains the love of my life nearly a decade later." —Ruthika Reddy, Facebook

5. Orlando Bloom

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

"I was madly in love with Orlando Bloom when I was in junior high. I made sure to watch all of his movies and interviews, and I cut out all his pictures in magazines and put them all over my room. I would fantasize about our first meeting and how he would fall in love with me immediately. When he started dating Kate Bosworth, I was completely heartbroken. I literally used to pray for their breakup." —Ariel Dengrove, Facebook

6. Usher

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

"Usher was like the Drake of the '90s. He had a sensitive soul that understood my sad seventh-grade life, but also had abs you could rock-climb on." —kristinchirico


7. Devon Sawa in Casper


"I think I've seen Casper a million times and it was all because of the few minutes at the end that showed him. I remember I even wrote a letter to him when I was younger... Never got a response." —erowe006

8. Aaron Carter

Scott Gries / Getty Images

"I saw him in concert when I was 7, and I was SURE that he would spot me in the audience and ask me to marry him. He was the love of my young life. And who could forget when he guest-starred on Lizzie McGuire?! I was SO jealous of Hilary Duff... I still watch that episode every year around Christmas time." —Rikki Reese, Facebook

9. Joe Jonas

Scott Gries / Getty Images

"All middle school (2006–2008), I was IN LOVE with Joe Jonas. I was convinced I was going to marry him 'cause I 'knew so much' about him — owned all the music, watched all the shows/movies/YouTube videos. I thought some day I'd magically meet him and that he and I would be so compatible. I dubbed myself Mrs. Joseph Adam Jonas. I still love Joe, but I'll love him from afar, lmfao." —Jasmin Barboza, Facebook

11. Kevin Jonas

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

"The summer before my sixth-grade year, I began my three-year obsession with the Jonas Brothers: Kevin in particular. I thought I was going to win one of those contests that were in those teen mags and he would fall in love with me and we'd end up together. It was pretty intense — I cut EVERY SINGLE pic of him out of magazines and had Jonas Brothers posters on my walls and my binders were plastered with them as well." —annar412f3928e


12. Taylor Hanson

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

"Our birthdays are two days apart. They appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show while my mother was watching, so she called me to see. And I cried." —Brianna McCarthy, Facebook

13. Zac Efron


"When he first starred in High School Musical, I had this giant poster of him that I got at the school book fair. He was literally everything I wanted, and I hated Vanessa Hudgens. Now that I've grown, I don't really like him anymore, even though he's hotter than ever." —Danielle Agate, Facebook

14. Lil' Romeo

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

"I was head over heels in love with Lil' Romeo. Then he released that song 'My Baby' where one of the lines was something like 'I don't need a girlfriend.' I was devastated and thought he was breaking up with me despite the fact that we never dated. Tears were shed." —Monika Porch, Facebook

16. Ricky Martin

"Something tingly happened in places for me when I watched the 'Livin’ La Vida Loca' music video. Mainly that I finally understood I very much wanted to have sex, and specifically with Ricky Martin and his leather pants." —erinlarosa


18. Michael J. Fox


"I saw Back to the Future at the movies four times. I saw all of his movies and of course watched Spin City as well as Family Ties. I just saw a poster of him at Newbury Comics from Back to the Future and it was totally the one I had when I was 12!" —Lisa Peterson, Facebook

19. Nelly

"Nelly was my ultimate crush when I was 12 years old. I remember recording a radio version of 'Country Grammer' onto a cassette, and sitting in my room for hours writing the lyrics in my diary, trying to figure out what the fuck he was saying and memorizing the words. I had mega-big dreams of driving around in a convertible saying 'light it up and take a puff' as I looked over to Nelly and smiled as we sang along in our matching tank tops. Those were the days." —lindsayfarber

20. Mark Wahlberg

Warner Bros.

"I was obsessed with Mark Wahlberg starting at [age] 8. Even secretly bought Boogie Nights (the only Wahlberg movie my mother forbade me from watching) on my way home from middle school, and watched it in the basement on the lowest volume so my mom wouldn't catch me." —Sabah Aslam, Facebook

21. George Michael

"When I was in middle school, I was convinced that I was going to marry George Michael and move to England with him. I had just seen the video for the song 'Faith' and was convinced he was destined to be my husband. I even used to want to get a cross earring like he had!" —Matty Cormier, Facebook


22. Corbin Bleu

Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

"Nine-year-old me even created her own fan club. I was the president, a friend of mine was the only other member. We'd sit in the sand at recess and talk about his hair and stuff." —missemilyhoran

23. Antonio Banderas

Tristar Pictures

"I could not get enough of Antonio Banderas growing up. The Mask of Zorro is one of the best movies. He is the definition of sexy. I wanted to be Catherine Zeta-Jones more than anything. I still do, tbh. I sometimes still dream about my boyfriend becoming a secret masked hero who lives behind a waterfall and will use his sword to cut off the strap of my dress. Did I just say that?" —laraparker

24. Ben Barnes in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Walt Disney Pictures

"As a 10-year-old, I would have full-on conversations with him and pretend that we were going into battle together and then he would propose. I mean, who could say no to that hair?" —SirPuddle

25. Owen Wilson

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

"I was obsessed with Owen Wilson when I was young and had a fantasy of him showing up in a limo and whisking me away to live a life of luxury." —chelynr

26. Jet Li

Warner Bros.

"Was it the mysterious looks he'd give? Or his crazy martial arts talents? I have no idea, but I was pretty obsessed with him to the point where I can't watch Romeo Must Die without remembering that I thought we would be married by now." —sheridanwatson

28. Jeremy Sumpter in Peter Pan

Universal Pictures

"I was absolutely OBSESSED with Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan when I was 10 or 11. My sisters and I watched the movie hundreds of times when we were younger and were all secretly jealous when Wendy got to kiss him. Definitely the biggest crush I ever had on a celebrity!" —apk

29. Rupert Grint

Warner Bros.

"Oh man. Rupert Grint and his ginger hair. Every Harry Potter poster was useless to me unless he was on it. Like, what’s the point of having one of just Harry? Now that I’m older and I don’t have his face plastered on my wall, I treasure a hilarious Christmas ornament my friend made me that has a laminated picture of Rupert in it. Ah, young, unrequited love." —caseyrackham

30. Luke Skywalker

20th Century Fox

"When I was 4 (in 1995), my dad showed me Star Wars for the first time. I immediately fell in love with Luke Skywalker and told my parents that I was going to marry him. Not wanting to crush me by telling me that films weren’t real, they told me I couldn’t because he was from ‘a long time ago,’ in a galaxy far, far away. Precocious little me had recently learned about centuries, and responded, ‘Stop lying. He’s from 20th Century Fox, and it’s still the 20th century. Why don’t you want me to marry him??!’ I was horrified when I worked out that the 20th century was actually a pretty damn long stretch of time." —mistydelarouge

31. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


"I met him at a local event called 'The Kids Fair' in fifth grade and 10-year-old me told him I was gonna marry him someday. He just gave me an awkward look." —Bridget Lee, Facebook

Submissions have been edited for clarity and/or length.

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