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    We All Need To Realize The Wonder That Is Jesse McCartney


    Do me a favor and close your eyes. Transport yourself back into middle school. Your braces are blue, your Livestrong bracelet yellow. You're in your room listening to your future husband serenading you.

    Open your eyes — who do you see?

    Jesse Freakin' McCartney, that's who.

    Don't know who Jesse is? Well you missed out. HE ONLY SANG THE MOST IMPORTANT SONG OF 2003.

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    No, Jesse. We want YOU and YOUR beautiful soul.


    Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

    You were supposed to be my date to the 8th grade dinner dance even though we never met.

    Happy 28th birthday you beautiful soul, you.

    Larry Busacca / Via Getty Images

    P.S. Your aging is like A+ so good job.

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