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24 Bulldogs Who Don't Have Time For Your Nonsense

Don't even try.

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1. "Can I please have some privacy during this trying time?"

2. "Does it look like I give a shit about what filters you use?"

3. "You call this a mudbath?"

4. "I was expecting 1000 thread count sheets."

5. "I don't have all day, do you need a ride or not?"

6. "I know I'm beautiful, but can you not stare at me while I try to get my beauty rest?"

7. "You know how I hate grey against my skintone."

8. "I can't deal with your questions."

9. "I'm just trying to hang out with my kid here."

10. "Yes, you're the problem."

11. "Oh, am I the only one who dressed up?"

14. "Your hashtags do not amuse me."

15. "I'm not paying you to take photos, I'm paying you to drive me the fuck around."

16. "Why don't you put down the phone, make yourself useful and get me some ice water?"


17. "Do I look like I'm interested in your bullshit?"

19. "Can you stop watching me?"

20. "Come on, you know I'm not a morning dog."

21. "Oh, you want an autograph? Get in line."

22. "I'm in here because I want some ALONE TIME."

24. "Over it."

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