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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    Twitter Is Destroying Brian Williams With #BrianWilliamsPopeStories

    Twitter users have NO CHILL.

    Brian Williams, the former NBC Nightly News anchor, made his return to TV yesterday with his new show on MSNBC.


    Earlier this year, Williams was suspended without pay when reports indicated that he had lied about an incident in Iraq.

    For his first day as a breaking news anchor, Brian covered Pope Francis' visit to the U.S.

    But with Twitter being Twitter, users decided to go HAM on Brian, using #BrianWilliamsPopeStories to crack jokes about the anchor by telling "stories" from Brian's point of view.

    "I was once in line to be the next Pope"- Brian Williams #brianwilliamspopestories

    Oh my.

    You know, like how he was "BFFs" with the Pope:

    My personal papal blessing saved my life when my helicopter was shot in Iraq. #BrianWilliamsPopeStories

    During his stint as Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago, Brian Williams cast the deciding ballot for John Paul II. #BrianWilliamsPopeStories

    #brianwilliamspopestories Frankie and I hitchhiked around South America together in the 70's never dreaming someday we would both be famous

    And how the Pope was super into Brian's abilities:

    Wanted a drink, so I changed some water into a nice Merlot. Francis seemed impressed. #BrianWilliamsPopeStories

    The Pope told me how impressed he was when I walked on water during Katrina. #BrianWilliamspopestories

    #brianwilliamspopestories I actually performed all of the miracles attributed to St. John Paul.

    They even went for Pope John Paul II's assassination attempt:

    #brianwilliamspopestories I took the bullet intended for Pope John Paul II during an assassination attempt.

    #BrianWilliamsPopeStories Did you know he was grazed by the very same bullet that struck Pope John Paul II in 1981 in Vatican Square?

    It just goes to show that Twitter never forgets. And they have no chill whatsoever.

    I was working at Merill Lynch in tower two when I heard this noise and I turned to the Pope and said we gotta go. #brianwilliamspopestories

    Welcome back to TV, Brian.

    Monica Schipper / Via Getty Images

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