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Billie Lourd Posted A Tribute For Debbie Reynolds' Birthday And I'm Not Crying, You Are

Happy birthday, Debbie.

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Billie Lourd, the 24-year-old daughter of Carrie, lost her mother and grandmother within a day of each other.

Since their deaths, Billie has been posting tributes to her mother and grandmother.

"'If my life weren't funny then it would just be true and that is unacceptable' - ❤☪️🅰️rrℹ️📧 Fℹ️💰♓️📧r ❤ Finding the funny might take a while but I learned from the best and her voice will forever be in my head and in my heart."

And on April 1, Billie celebrated the 85th birthday of her Abadaba, aka grandma, with a sweet photo on Instagram:

"🍀💚🍀 Happy 85th to my constantly classily clad Abadaba 💚 "