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    This Is What Greek Sisterhood Really Looks Like

    Don't be afraid to wear your letters loud and proud.

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    1. So you think sorority life is about paying for your friends?

    2. Well it's not.

    3. What if it was about finding your best friend?

    4. Or best friends?

    5. What if it was about meeting people who put a smile on your face?

    6. And who are just as proud as you to be in a sisterhood?

    7. But no, it's totally about partying. No one could possibly want a beautiful friendship like this one.

    8. Like, who would want to connect with others on a deeper, more personal level?

    9. There's nothing like standing on the steps to a home that has housed generations of strong women.

    10. And these women dedicate weeks of hard work just to meet new people together.

    11. And some might say there's only white women in sororities.

    12. And they totally lack women of color.

    13. What if being in a sorority meant raising thousands of dollars a year to charities?

    14. Or coming together for a common cause?

    15. What if you got to meet a big sister who changed your life for the better?

    16. And helped you through your toughest moments.

    17. What if a sisterhood meant wearing your letters with pride?

    18. And carrying them like a badge of honor?

    19. But all this friendship talk is so dumb, right?

    20. None of these things are important, it's not like you'll pass on traditions to your daughter.

    21. Or even talk to these girls after you graduate.

    22. So yes, you might have a #TSM moment...

    23. ...but they're always with the women who have been with you through the ups and downs of college.

    24. The ones that would do anything to brighten your day.

    25. And are always there for a hug.

    26. They're the ones who make you feel like... you.

    27. And what are sisters for?

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