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    Are You Gigi Hadid?

    You would probably know.

    1. Is your name Jelena Noura Hadid (Gigi for short)?

    2. Do you wake up wondering what photo shoot you have to do today?

    3. Or what runway you'll get to strut down?

    4. Like, are you a supermodel?*

    5. Are you actually climbing the ranks of supermodels?

    6. And are you BFFs with other supermodels?

    7. Do your selfies look like this?

    8. And do your mirror selfies look like this?

    9. What about selfies with your friends? Do they look like this?

    10. Is this what you look like when you work out?

    11. Is your mom Yolanda Foster?

    12. Is your sister Bella Hadid?

    13. Does she model as well?

    14. Do you have a younger brother named Anwar?

    15. Is your dad named Mohamed?

    16. And is your stepdad David Foster?

    17. Is this you and your family chilling?

    18. Is this your dad's backyard?

    19. And is this your mom's backyard?

    20. Are you dating Cody Simpson?

    21. Do your date nights look like this?

    22. And did you make this horse the happiest horse in the world by touching it?

    23. Is this you?

    24. Is THIS you?

    25. Is this YOU?

    26. IS this you?

    27. IS THIS YOU?

    Because if it is — congrats! You are Gigi Hadid.

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