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Adele Made The Grammys Do A Redo Of Her Performance

"I'm sorry for swearing and I'm sorry for starting again."

This is Adele. She's a singer you might've heard of.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

And this is George Michael, the legendary singer who tragically passed away Christmas Day, 2016.

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For his 2017 Grammys tribute, Adele started to sing his song "Fastlove."

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It sounded amazing, as Adele usually does.

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But right before she hit the first chorus, Adele stopped the music.

Adele stops, swears, then restarts George Michael tribute at the #GRAMMYs: ‘I can’t mess this up for him’…

She said:

I can't do it again like last year. I'm sorry for swearing and I'm sorry for starting again. Can we please start it again? I'm sorry, I can't mess this up for him. I'm sorry. I can't. I'm sorry for swearing. I'm really sorry.

If you remember from last year's show, Adele performed and was not too pleased with the results.

The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens. X

But when she started again this year, it was somehow even more flawless.


Like, really, really incredible.

The best of the night, so far... Thank you for this idea #GRAMMYs @Adele

When it was over, Adele was so overcome with emotion that she started to tear up.


And everyone in the crowd went wild for her.


Adele: the only person who could curse on live TV and restart a Grammys performance and no one even cares.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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