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17 Things Plus-Size Women Can't Possibly Do

Watch me wear this crop top.

1. Plus-size women can't rock a tight dress.

2. And we can't pull off crop tops.

it's ok, ur boyfriend can pull it off for me.

3. Plus-size women can't run.

No marathons for us!

4. And we can't do yoga.

5. Plus-size women can't wear stripes.

6. Or patterns.

7. Plus-size women can't be sexy AF in lingerie.

8. While bikinis are totally off-limits. Actually, ANY bathing suit is a no-go!

9. Plus-size women can't wear tights.

When they say fat girls can't wear tights😂😂💯😏 !! DID I EAT ? 👀👀👀 #UNT19 #TheMillennium2k15 #SFA19 #UH19 #TxSU19

10. And heels? No thank you.

11. We just can't be fashionable AT ALL.

12. You know what the worst thing is? Plus-size women can't even dance.

13. And plus-size women can't be cool.

14. Wedding dresses? We can't find one that'll even fit us.

15. In fact, we can't even date, because we'd have to find someone "who's into fat girls"!

16. Plus-size women can't follow their dreams and be successful.

17. And of course, plus-size women can't be ridiculously...


...happy and confident with themselves.

Or can we?