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  • This Is A Never-Ending Struggle With Words!

    There are some translated words that can make you laugh like crazy! Those are so hilarious that even the best-rated comedy programs can’t match up! However, on many occasions such mistakes can be costly. Especially, for organizations that dream to be global giants. These companies that wish to break into a target market may find the doors of business shut out to them. Also, establishments, which deal with critical domains such as medical, legal, and financial, even a single error can blow out of proportion. Other than these, some translation mistakes can have grave impact from their social relevance. Usage of some words or phrases can be considered differently in various cultures. Have a look at the following pictures. These will surely tickle your funny bone. However, at the same time they give a food for thought to be careful before translating.

  • Wish Your Father In 15 Different Languages

    Love for Dads knows no bounds of countries, cultures and geographical separateness. In all cultures, a father holds the position of affection and heartfelt respect. People around the world have their own ways to greet their fathers, but a globally accepted day for it was missing. Nowadays, Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world with equal enthusiasm. In many countries, people have accepted this day to shower their fathers with greetings and good wishes. Across cultures and in a myriad of languages, greetings for Father’s Day are being expressed. Let us take a look at 15 of these.

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