• 1. Recieve an unsightly “love tap” mark?

    Recieve an unsightly "love tap" mark?

    Caption: “Do you bruise easily? If a little ‘love tap’ brings a black and blue mark to your skin-if cuts heal slowly and with difficulty, better check up on your diet right away. These signs usually indicate a deficiency of Vitamin ‘C’” (not that your husband is an asshole).

  • 2. “A healthy husband means a happier wife” vomit.

    "A healthy husband means a happier wife" vomit.

    Bottom Right: “When a man gets all the Vitamin ‘C’ he needs-he feels peppier, takes a keener interest in his home-life. Balanced diet, with plenty of ‘C’, can help a lot to avoid domestic quarrels and unhappiness. Drink Canned Florida Grapefruit Juice daily.”