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11 Things We Loveship About Kristen Wiig

All the ways we love the Wiig-ster.

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4. She method-acted the hell out of those sweat-beads forming on her forehead in the infamous bridal shop scene in Bridesmaids

It takes one tough broad who can hold all that in trying to out-duke it with Rose Byrne. While all the other bridesmaids were relieving themselves in sinks, on roads and in their finest, Wiig resolutely held her shit together (quite literally). She even managed to pop in a snack. We meant to say pop.

7. She's grounded and knows when to eat humble pie

“People always call me a comedian. And I don’t really see myself like that. I guess I just consider myself an actor who does comedy. But who wants to do other things”

8. Speaking of other things - her first fully dramatic performance in indie hit Hateship Loveship is getting rave reviews

She co-stars with Guy Pearce, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Christine Lahti and Haylee Steinfeld. Read about how awesome she is in this film here:

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