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    May 5, 2017

    Ordinary Or Psycho?

    Have you ever wondered if you have the mind of a serial killer? Take the quiz to find out!

    1. You'd describe yourself as :

    2. Would you say you're caring of others, especially those close to you?

    3. Does death scare you, whether your own, someone close to you, or a complete stranger?

    4. Do you consider the consequences to your actions for every or almost every decision you make?

    5. You feel as it's your personal duty to punish others for their wrongdoings.

    6. You often find it difficult to control your anger.

    7. When making a mistake, you feel guilty.

    8. You feel as if you're different from others and therefore you cast yourself away.

    9. What sounds like a more ideal activity for you?

    10. You value family and friends.

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