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    • shellydejaynesl

      Asanew tanner myself — someone whose vitaminDblood level went up from 11 ng/ml to 75 ng/ml with regular, non-burning tanning visits earlier this year, and who now can exercise without severe muscle pain for the first time in my life –Ithink you should read this view of the 75 percent number, from Dr. Ivan Oransky, editor of Reuters Health: Since over-using sunscreen and avoiding the sun CAUSED my vitaminDdeficiency for most of my life,Ican’t help but think it’s weird that most journalists are missing the point. Regular sun is natural. We don’t get it anymore because we spend most of our days inside. Having checked myself, it doesn’t look to me like any of these so-called studies actually study non-burning sun exposure or professional sunbed usage. Just seems to me like burning – not tanning – is the problem. And if sunbeds were so dangerous, why do dermatologists use them to treat cosmetic skin conditions like psoriasis that don’t hurt anyone?

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