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9 Super-Important Facts You Probably Need To Learn About Energy

Put a wrinkle in your brain as you think about how we can #makethefuture.

1. One in six people live without access to electricity today.

2. Because countries use energy so disproportionately, many are lobbying for something called government-led carbon pricing.

3. Africa has about the same power generation capacity as the states of New York and Pennsylvania combined.

4. On the other hand, China is the world’s biggest emitter of CO2.

5. But wait! There's actually a way to store away CO2 so that it doesn't enter and harm the atmosphere.

6. When used for generating electricity, natural gas only creates around 50% as much carbon dioxide and 10% of the air pollutants as compared to coal.

7. There's also a LOT of natural gas — enough to last approximately 230 years.

8. Natural gas cooled to -260ºF will transform into a liquid and shrink the volume of the gas 600 times, creating liquefied natural gas (LNG).

9. Actually, liquefied natural gas is already being used for heavy-duty trucks, ferries, and other marine vessels.

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