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    24 Easy Ways To Rule "Elf On The Shelf"

    Santa's narc watches your children all December with creepy doe eyes. Their love of mischief is annoying and moving them everyday is one more "to-do" during the holidays for parents. Here's a year's worth of relatively low-effort (family-friendly) and awesome ideas so your elf won't be a loser sitting in the blinds.

    1. Eyes in the Sky

    2. Under a glass.

    3. Say Cheese

    4. Shower Curtain

    5. Dino Wrangler

    6. Fridge Alpineer

    7. Game Night

    8. Dryer Elf

    9. Pumping Iron

    10. Breakfast!

    11. Get to work

    12. Connect 4

    13. Arctic Sleepover

    14. Swing

    15. Meeting of the Minds

    16. Craft time

    17. Defend Space Law

    18. Story Time

    19. Hipster Elf

    20. Game of Thrones

    21. Yoga

    22. Flying

    23. Sick Day

    24. Elf Anything