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    15 Nick Miller Moments Every College Student Can Totally Relate To

    How Nick Miller is relatable to *all* college students?

    1. How the due date is the “do” date.

    2. How he feels after one workout.

    3. How he is not a successful adult.

    nick says "i'm not a successful adult, i don't eat vegetables or take care of myself"

    4. How he feels about reading.

    5. How Nick feels is his favorite outfit.

    6. How he feels about eating at nice restaurants.

    7. How he feels when he has a deadline to meet.

    8. How Nick does not do laundry.

    9. Nick’s response to the question "what have you accomplished?"

    10. How he aspires to be rich.

    11. Nick’s thought process when dealing with regret.

    12. How Nick panics and orders way too much takeout.

    13. How he handles his emotions.

    14. How he contemplates his future.

    15. Lastly, Nick’s logic on healing inside and outside wounds.