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    Toys You Probably Didn't Know Are Banned

    Whether you grew up with chemistry sets complete with actual radioactive material, or cruised around the neighborhood streets in battery-powered cars, all of us probably came in contact with one of these toys that are illegal now.

    1. Yo-Yo Water Balls

    A multi-colored row of Elastic Balls

    2. CSI Fingerprint Kit

    The kit that contains Crime Scene tape, and the toxic powder

    3. Flubber

    The original Flubber toy in it's 60's package

    4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels

    Pink Toy car

    5. Atomic Chemistry Sets

    The 1950 atomic Energy Set

    6. Hannah Montana Trading Cards

    Original Hannah Montana Trading Cards

    7. Polly Pockets

    Polly Pocket Dream House

    8. Magnetix

    set of Magnetix laid out

    9. Aqua Dots

    Set of Aqua Dots

    10. Lawn Darts

    A friendly Game of Lawn Darts