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Top 5 Reasons 'Bills' Is The Song You Should Be Listening To

'cause we all got bills, we gotta pay. So we gon' work, work, work, everyday...

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LunchMoney Lewis' first single 'Bills' is taking the world by storm. Here's why you should gear up and let it blow you away...

1. Because LunchMoney knows the struggle is real.


It's rough in this economy, and Lunchmoney Lewis knows that. While we all are striving to 'make it' and live a glamorous life, most of us are sitting in traffic on the way to Easy St. As we fight to raise minimum wage, lower the unemployment rate, and create a better situation for generations entering the workforce, it's easy to forget that in the midst of hard work, it's still important to have fun. Playing this on the way to work will definitely provide that boost of energy to get through the day -- or turn lows into highs during the rush hour return home. And really -- what other song could make you feel this excited about having bills to pay?

2. Because you just can't help but dance to it.

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'Bills' is just one of those catchy tunes that can be played pretty much anywhere and will cause people to stop and break out their best moves. No really. Bored in the car? 'Bills' comes on the radio, hands go in the air. Heading to a party? Turn up 'Bills' and turn up! Want to entertain the kids? Play 'Bills' and make a cute dance video. Church on Sunday? 'Bills' will lift your spirit! Zumba class tonight? It's the perfect warm up!

But be careful playing it in the shower. There singing might be the best option...

3. Because LunchMoney is representing for the big boys.

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Heavy D, B.I.G., Fat Joe, Big Pun -- we've had so many cuddly big boys doing their thing in music, and with 'Bills', we welcome LunchMoney Lewis to the family. It's clear the contrast between this hit single and the 'Trini Dem Girls' hook he did for Nicki Minaj does not confine him to any one genre; he may be attempting to tackle a wide spectrum of music right from the start. Lunchmoney Lewis might just be a combination of all the crooning teddy bears we've loved in the past -- it will be interesting to see what he has in store.

4. Because it's about something substantial people can listen and relate to.


So often are the airways flooded with songs about women, drugs and making money, it's refreshing to hear a song that people can just enjoy for what it is. Anyone can listen to this song and identify with it. It's not flooded with bleeps, sound effects, or the skipping of entire sections; this is a song that younger and older generations can groove to without substantial editing. And everyone has bills to pay! Maybe not kids, but this song is preparing them for the messiness of life! It's always refreshing when an artist creates content that can appeal to the masses rather than a particular market. It's those kinds of artists [and songs] that ultimately have the greatest longevity in the business.

5. Because this song is positioning itself to be the [summer] song of 2015.


The song has been out for just over a month and it's pretty much taken over radio airways. It's catchy, it's upbeat, it's fun... isn't that what summer is all about? It's not just me saying it - check out what Mike Wass from the Idolator had to say about this top contender here. At this rate it seems like 'Bills' is shaping up to be the 'Happy' of 2015. Realistically, we should all just surrender to its infectious power now.

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