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    18 Students And Professors Who Are Really, Really Trying To Not Let The Pandemic Get Them Down

    It's tough out there!

    1. This poor girl who got her moment on the big screen:


    someone said I looked like the wizard of oz. 🤭 #zoomuniversity #foryou

    ♬ original sound - okenzoo

    2. This student who had a very, VERY big announcement to make:

    3. This student who's a genius, but also a savage:


    4. This kindergarten teacher who, quite frankly, deserves a $1 million raise:


    my facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning #onlineschool #fyp #teacher

    ♬ original sound - kenziiewenz

    5. This professor who made sure to incorporate Ms. Taylor into his lecture:

    6. These ladies who DEFINITELY got a bid:

    7. This professor who really did his best to understand the joke:


    and it’s too late to ✨drop the class✨ he’s so wholesome though 100000/10 #ShowYourAge #IGotTheMusic #zoomfail #zoomuniversity

    ♬ original sound - ikaylaanne18

    8. This student who discovered the most perfect sendoff ever:

    A student signed their email “pandemically.” Glad to see they are coping with some email salutation humor.

    9. This kid who deserves an Olympic medal:


    zoom university 😗🥴 lmfao this video is 5 mins long 😂 #fyp

    ♬ original sound - nicolegallosa

    10. This poor soul who wasn't expecting so much one-on-one attention:

    11. This widely known fact:

    "Breakout Groups" is gonna be the worst 2 words of Zoom University

    12. This student who took one little nap and...

    13. This girl who was not having it:

    messaged a girl “i like ur photo wall!” in zoom class and she turned off her camera

    14. This student who was in the right place at the wrong time:

    15. This student who insisted on putting comfort first:

    not wearing pants during my zoom class and nobody can tell i love holding secrets. i’m literally gossip girl right now

    16. This girl who decided it was time for show and tell:

    17. This student who is really feeling the struggle:

    I joined my zoom class today and wondered why there was only ten people and my professor said “you don’t need to be on here while you’re taking the quiz” and I yelled “A QUIZ WHAT” and I wasn’t muted 🌚🌚🌚

    18. And finally, the best professor on the planet:


    this is how my professor announced that we have no homework today #fyp #foryou #college #statistics #professor

    ♬ uH OOh Mr mOnTyyyy - corvidqueen