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19 Things That Will Make All Extroverted Introverts Go, "Same"

Friends are cool. But is your bed.

1. When being alone makes you sad but the thought of going out makes you wanna die.


Guess I'll just sit here and feel weird, then. Nbd.

2. When you want to be around people but at the same time don't feel like having to come up with witty things to say for the next few hours.

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3. When you're hanging with a big group and everything's going great but the next second you want everyone to leave so you can recharge.

NBC / Via

4. When you're about to meet some new people and you're kind of excited but then the idea of forced small talk makes you want to shut it all down.

VH1 / Via

5. When you overestimate your level of extroversion for the day and regret making plans for later.

Nickelodeon / Via

6. But then your super social friends make you follow through on the plans anyway.

Paramount / Via

7. When all your friends cancel on you the ONE TIME you were actually looking forward to going out.

Miramax / Via

8. When you want to be invited to something even though you know deep down you probably won't go.

Bravo / Via

It's just nice to feel wanted, okay??

9. When you get a burst of outgoing energy that surprises even you and you start talking everyone's ear off.

NBC / Via

10. When you eavesdrop on a conversation because you want to be in the loop but refuse to join in because that's too much effort.

NBA / Via

11. When your intense love of people-watching means you actually like killing time at the airport.

Pop / CBS / Via

12. Or spending hours in a coffee shop.

NBC / Via

13. Or dilly-dallying at the mall.

CBS / Via

14. Or even going to the place we all dread: the DMV.

Disney / Via

15. When you feel nervous before a group hang but once it's happening you're like, "this is the best!"

Paramount / Via

16. When certain people energize you and others deplete your levels like no other.

NBC / Via

17. When you feel like you want a healthy social life but also think that sounds overwhelming and exhausting.


18. When you won't shut up around your friends but basically become mute once a stranger enters the equation.

New Line Cinema / Via

19. And finally, when you cancel plans without any shame and feel sweet, sweet relief as you tuck yourself into bed.

Columbia Pictures / Via

You'll be social tomorrow, it's fine.

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