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    16 "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Things Women Have Confessed To That Honestly Have Me Dying

    We all thought we were the first ones to mismatch our socks.

    Not too long ago, I wrote up women on TikTok sharing the most "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" things they used to do. The results were so hilarious and relatable, they inspired even more stories from our own BuzzFeed Community. Only read if you want to feel seen.

    1. "I used to despise the color pink, and I would only wear a Superman jacket in middle school even though I was never really into Superman."

    2. "I wore two different colored eye contacts: one bright blue, one brown."


    3. "I thought snorting during a laugh was charming and adorkable. I started doing it on purpose, and now I can’t control it anymore."


    4. "I wore colored circle glasses every day, wore mismatched socks and made sure everyone knew it, and I only smoked joints using the long, vintage cigarette holders."

    5. "I kept weird things in my purse 'just in case.' Pool floats, army men, blank greeting cards, etc. I thought it was a really fun 'quirk.' I also had a friend who always carried confetti in her pockets so that if there was ever an awkward silence, she could casually take it out and throw it."


    6. "I pretended I couldn’t say the word 'picnic' properly."


    7. "I would bring a sketchbook with me to parties, ‘accidentally’ reveal it to someone while getting something from my bag, and act really embarrassed/shy when people asked to see what was inside of it. I thought I was sooo artsy and ~quirky~. I still think about that and physically cringe. I'm literally in art school now and would never even dream of bringing a sketchbook to a party."

    8. "I used to draw a watch onto my right wrist with thin sharpie or pen, and I always wore mismatching socks on purpose."


    9. "I used to wear a hot pink Abercrombie and Fitch shirt with a black skirt, fishnets, and emo ballet flats to be 'ironic.' I'd also wear mismatched shoes, streak my hair in random colors even though it was against dress code, and just say weird things and carry myself like I was the center of a YA novel."


    10. "I used to use Sharpies for eyeliner. Sure, I had access to regular eyeliner, but that just wasn’t *different* enough."

    11. "I would rat my hair up into a nest-type bun and put fake birds in it."


    12. "I still don’t like using straws, but I used to tell people I was actually afraid of them."


    13. "I would buy vintage scarves at thrift stores and wear them as headbands tied in a giant bow on top of my bed. I also always wore this necklace that was made out of a wooden doll because it was ~quirky~. I also wore obnoxiously colored tights with dresses or shorts with combat boots."

    14. "I wore a different fun, colorful Band-Aid on my finger every day, even though I didn’t need one. I also often braided embroidery floss into one strand of my hair."


    15. "I called people 'darling' for a good year or two, pretended I loved the Beatles, carried a parasol, and refused to watch movies made after 1965."


    16. And finally, "I didn’t blink. I just, didn’t blink. Somehow, I thought it was cool to stare, like I was superior to 'other girls' because I didn’t have to blink. God, I must have looked so weird."

    Personally, I'm also guilty of a few of these! Did you do any "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" things back in the day? Share them in the comments.

    Submissions have beed edited for length/clarity.