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    17 Inappropriate Questions Women Constantly Get Asked, But Men Rarely Do

    Ask me if I want kids ONE MORE TIME.

    In case you had any doubts that sexism is alive and well, Reddit user u/imakindainsectoid asked women to share the "personal and intrusive questions" they often get asked that men usually don't. Here are the responses that are, unfortunately, all too relatable:

    1. "I get asked if all of my kids are from the same husband. A coworker in a professional industry asked me that. I don't think my kids' dad has ever been asked anything even remotely similar."


    2. "Do men get asked why they put their career before having babies? And then, do they get told they'll regret it? Because I’m real sick of that one."


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    3. "Whenever I'm without my kids, people always ask if their dad is 'babysitting.' No. He's just, you know, parenting."


    4. "Why I don’t color my gray hair. My doctor told me my face looked too young for gray hair. I waited an hour and paid money to get lectured on my appearance."


    5. "Any time I get even slightly irritated or show any sort of emotion that isn't pure goddamn joy, I get hit with the, 'Are you on your period?'"



    6. "I've been asked if I live alone by the cable guy and furniture delivery men. Once, when I was driving a few miles upstate to visit a friend, the gas station clerk asked if I was driving alone."


    7. "On days I don't wear makeup, I always get asked if I'm sick. Telling them, 'No, this is just my face' ends the conversation pretty quickly."


    8. "'Did you ask your husband?' He’s my husband, not my father. I don’t ask permission."



    9. "This probably isn’t an every-woman question, but I’ve seriously been asked, 'Do you really need those glasses?' With the follow-up: 'You would look so much prettier without them. Have you thought about contacts?'"


    10. "As a woman in her 40s, I get asked, 'Why haven’t you gotten married?' Or, the more hurtful version: 'Why didn’t anyone want to marry you?'"


    11. "A classic: Why don't I smile more?"


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    12. "Whenever I was pregnant, I'd get asked, 'Was it planned?!' Sorry random male coworker, I don’t think that’s your business. My husband was never asked if our kids were planned."


    13. "I went to a mortgage advisor about buying my first property, and despite me being financially ready to go ahead with it, he asked me whether I thought it might be worth waiting until I had met a man so I could borrow more on two salaries. I can't imagine a single man in his 30s being asked the same thing when he wanted to buy a property."


    14. "I'm a woman dating a woman, and men are always asking to join us in our bedroom. For some reason, I feel like this doesn't happen to two men who are in a relationship."



    15. "'What size bra do you wear?' 'Why are your boobs so big?' 'Isn't that shirt too revealing?' All of these questions were in response to my 34GG boobs before I got breast reduction surgery."


    16. "As a young, female professor, I've been asked multiple times if I'm 'the professor's teaching assistant.'"


    17. And finally, "I get asked when me and my boyfriend are getting married, and why we haven’t gotten engaged yet, a couple times a month. No one ever asks him."



    What's a question you're sick of hearing that you often get asked but men don't? Let's commiserate in the comments.

    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.