What's The Most Unprofessional Thing A Male Doctor Has Said To You?

    I think many of us have a story or two.

    The sad truth is that women aren't always believed or validated by medical professionals when it comes to our bodies and concerns. And most — though not all — of the time, this is perpetuated by male medical professionals.

    So, to raise awareness of how prevalent this actually is, I'd like to ask: What's the most condescending/unprofessional thing a male medical professional has said to you? Maybe he refused to refill your birth control prescription because it was "against his religion."

    Or perhaps he told you that the pain you were experiencing was "all in your head" or "just menstrual cramps," and you later had to be admitted for emergency surgery because he just didn't listen.

    Or maybe he was stitching you up after giving birth and he made the infamous — and gross — "husband stitch" remark.

    Whatever it is, share your story in the comments below! Tell us the worst thing you've ever been told by a male medical professional and WHY it was so heinous. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.