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What's Something You Wish You'd Learned About Sex A Whole Lot Sooner?

Consent would've been a great place to start.

Across the world, sex education tends to vary from place to place, and there are some places (*cough* the US *cough*) where it really isn't all that great.

So, in the spirit of ending the stigma and also letting people in on the stuff you definitely weren't, what's something you wish you learned about sex before or even after you started having it?

Maybe you wish you'd learned that when it comes to penetrative sex, it's not supposed to hurt the very first time for people with vaginas, and that's actually a sign of improper lubrication*.

Or maybe you wish you'd learned more about LGBTQ sex, because, hello, P in V sex isn't the only sex there is.

Or maybe you wish that someone had actually taught you how to put a condom on right...

...or, just, y'know, how boners work in general.

Maybe you wish you'd been taught more about masturbation, and how it's perfectly normal and okay to explore your own body.

Or heck, maybe you wish you'd been taught anything (literally ANYTHING) about the importance of a little thing called consent.

Whatever it is, this is a safe space, so feel free to share! Tell us the things you'd learned sooner and why in the comments below. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post*.

*Responses will remain anonymous upon request!