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    19 Wild Orders People In The Food Industry Actually Had To Make For Customers

    My stomach? Turning.

    Chances are if you've ever worked in the food service industry, you've had the misfortune of fulfilling an order that was straight-up weird and/or disgusting.


    And guess what: You are not alone! Twitter user @KylePlantEmoji recently brought this to light, asking people to share the strangest things they've ever been asked to make.

    Baristas/Bartenders/general food service: what's the weirdest thing you were ever asked to make? As a barista, someone asked for a shot of espresso with 7 pumps of orange flavoring. And he downed it one gulp. This was absolutely not his first time having this

    And believe me when I say, the responses did not disappoint. Here are some of the best:

    1. This absolute abuse of power.

    @KylePlantEmoji Remember when we sold those huge Starbucks cups/planters? A customer had a free drink (mobile order) and asked for a java chip with 100 shots, 100 frapp pumps, one hundred pumps of everything in this cup. it took 30 minutes. On thanksgiving. During peak.

    @kalena_bella / Via Twitter: @kalena_bella

    2. This mayonnaise sandwich with extra mayonnaise.

    @KylePlantEmoji when i worked at subway a woman asked for only mayonnaise on white bread. doesnt sound too weird right? except she had me put nearly the entire bottle of mayo on it and at first i thought she was just fucking w me but she sat down after the transaction and just.. ate it.

    3. This sweet and savory tea.

    @KylePlantEmoji I worked at Chick-fil-A. A man ordered a large sweet tea and two CFA sauces. Not unusual— figured he was gonna take em home. Nope. Man opened his sweet tea and POURED BOTH PACKETS IN, stirring it together with his straw. Saw him drinking as he drove off. Never been so disgusted.

    4. This DECADENT Frap.

    @KylePlantEmoji A customer wanted a grande vanilla bean crème Frappuccino with a whole lemon pound cake double blended inside

    5. This sub that merged both dinner and dessert.

    @KylePlantEmoji at subway: 4 double chocolate chip cookies on a foot long teriyaki sub on flatbread. lettuce, pickle, olives, sweet onion, honey mustard, chipotle southwest. had to quit like a month later. that monster haunted me

    6. This sugar, hold the coffee.

    @KylePlantEmoji While working at Dunkin: Large coffee with 15 creams and fifteen sugars. They specified they wanted the liquid, pure corn syrup sugar too. The cup was about 2/3 full before putting a drop of coffee in. Thinking about it still makes my stomach turn.

    7. This fusion pizza.

    @KylePlantEmoji former pizza deliverer here: thousand island dressing base instead of red sauce, jalapeños, tater tots, pepper jack cheese. it smelled AWFUL. we had a tater tot pizza (my guilty pleasure), and a Big Mac-styled burger pizza, to explain the tots and thousand island.

    8. This green tea Frap with LOTS of extras.

    @KylePlantEmoji this monstrosity. it looked and tasted like swamp sludge.

    @shakesqueerean / Via Twitter: @shakesqueerean

    9. This queso quest.

    @KylePlantEmoji Once when I was waitressing after a TexMex restaurant a woman ordered a big bowl of quest & a spoon. She ate the entire bowl by herself like a soup.

    10. This eggy abomination.

    @KylePlantEmoji pizza with no sauce, no cheese. just chopped hard boiled egg and cilantro.

    @antiplasticclub / Via Twitter: @antiplasticclub

    11. This thicc drink.

    @KylePlantEmoji I’m not a barista but I do work at Cracker Barrel. Someone asked for 2 sides of brown gravy and a glass. He DRANK it down. Another time someone asked for Mayonaise as their salad dressing🤮🤮

    12. This whisper of caffeine.

    @KylePlantEmoji a sweet old man that would ask you to fill a mug with some coffee, dump it out, and then fill it with hot water so it just very faintly tasted like coffee... never charged him for it

    13. This absolute laundry list.

    @KylePlantEmoji i had three minutes left in my shift when i had to make this MONSTROSITY for some girl in fifth grade, i was so PISSED

    @TheRealMu / Via Twitter: @TheRealMu

    14. This American classic.

    @KylePlantEmoji Big Mac without the meat.

    15. This milk alternative.

    @KylePlantEmoji A woman asked me to make her a latte with her own breast milk.

    16. This curdling concoction.

    @KylePlantEmoji Passion tango iced tea with two percent milk. The manager came out to tell her that the lemon in the tea will curdle the milk and the woman said she liked it like that, I threw up in my mouth a little.

    17. This sweet and salty sandwich.

    @KylePlantEmoji I worked at a bakery, we made sandwiches at lunch. I had a woman come in for weeks getting a grilled tuna sandwich on cinnamon swirl bread. Sometimes with pickles🌝

    18. This nutty latte.

    @KylePlantEmoji I’m a barista and somebody ordered a latte with CUCUMBER and MACADAMIA NUT flavoring

    @chotske / Via Twitter: @chotske

    19. And finally, this close second.

    @KylePlantEmoji Also as a barista, I had a regular customer in the mornings who would also order 7 shots of espresso in a cup with NO flavoring. When I finally asked what’s so appealing he said “I used to be addicted to meth and this is the closest high I can get to it now.”

    To all those in the food service industry, we salute you. You're the real heroes.