18 Mistakes You'll Probably Make While Planning Your Wedding — From People Who Work Them And People Who've Had Them

    Don't walk down the aisle with regret!

    We asked people who work in the wedding industry to share common mistakes they've seen others make while planning their weddings, and it inspired even more wisdom from the BuzzFeed Community! Here are some of their best tips:

    1. Before you start any of the actual planning, iron things out with your partner:

    Alexis rose saying "i'm so glad we're on the same page about this"

    2. If you can, hire a wedding coordinator so they can sweat the small details while you get all married and stuff:

    Hilary duff saying "i got you"

    3. Please — for the sake of yourself and your wedding party — hire more than one person to do hair and makeup:

    A makeup artist doing their client's makeup

    4. If you're planning to have kids at your wedding, establish a place for them to play/hang out:

    Moira rose saying "i truly appreciate the gesture"

    5. When hiring a photographer, make sure it's someone you gel with — you'll be spending a lot of time together:

    A photographer saying "work it"

    6. Carve out more time than you think you need for photos, because they'll take a while:

    A woman saying "time is ticking"

    7. Yes, budget for a good photographer — but also do the same for a videographer:

    A guy saying "it's important, bruh"

    8. If planning's not really your thing, find a venue that offers all-inclusive packages and rates:

    Jessica jones saying "what a bargain"

    9. The weeks leading up to the wedding and the day of will feel like a big blur — for the love of god, remember to take care of yourself:

    Ilana Glazer saying "i feel weak i feel like i'm gonna faint"

    10. To save on stress, limit the amount of people "helping" you with everything:

    A man saying "i'm here to help"

    11. And although they're there to help, don't overload your wedding party with endless errands and tasks:

    Titus in the unbreakable kimmy schmidt whining "but i already did something today"

    12. If you want candles at your ceremony, consider having it indoors. If not, don't even bother:

    Lumiere in beauty in the beast

    13. Your wedding dress is going to take months to actually get into your hands, so try to lock it down ASAP:

    A woman saying "i hate waiting"

    14. Once you've found THE dress, try to do some digging in order to find the best price out there.

    A woman saying "i'm on a budget"

    15. All that being said, try to let go of the notion that there's just one PERFECT wedding dress out there for you:

    A woman trying on a wedding dress in say yes to the dress

    16. There's a 99.99% chance your dress will need alterations, so make sure to factor that into your budget:

    A woman holding a wedding dress up to her body

    17. If you want to wear a custom suit or tux, that also means planning months in advance:

    A man cutting up his suit jacket

    18. And finally, don't get too caught up with pleasing everyone else on YOUR big day:

    Kim Kardashian in a white dress saying "it's my day"

    Do you have any wedding planning tips or mistakes to share? Drop 'em in the comments!