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Wedding Professionals, What Are The Biggest Mistakes You See People Make When Planning Their Weddings?

What should people be saying "I DON'T" to?

Hello! If you're a wedding planner or someone in the wedding industry, we'd like to hear from you!


We want to know the biggest mistakes you see people make when planning their weddings. Like, maybe you constantly see people blow their budgets in the beginning and really, REALLY regret it later.

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Or maybe you've witnessed couples invite wayyyy too many guests at first, and it caused a ton of drama down the road.


Or maybe you've seen brides blow all their money on their dream dress right at the beginning, and then have to scrape by to pay for everything else.

Monica, phoebe, and rachel in friends sitting on the couch watching TV in wedding dresses

Maybe you wish you could shout from the rooftops the importance of doing a makeup trial with your makeup artist before the big day.

Amu Schumer in the "girl you don't need makeup video" with a face full of terrible makeup, looking sad
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Or who knows, maybe you genuinely believe that people should wait to tie the knot until they can afford the wedding they truly want, instead of rushing into it and creating a half-baked version.

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Whatever it is, share it in the comments below. Tell us which mistakes you constantly see when planning weddings and why you think they're such big NO-NO's. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!