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    This Woman Is Going Viral For Her Hyperrealistic Makeup Looks, And Trust Me, They're Worth The Hype

    I can't stop watching.

    Recently, as I was doing my nightly TikTok scroll, I came across a woman transforming herself into a carbon copy of the Corpse Bride, and I was absolutely floored by the accuracy.

    Needless to say, I HAD to know more!

    @makeupmetamorphos / Via

    It turns out, the woman beneath the makeup is Lucy Green, a 26-year-old makeup artist and content creator from Poole in Dorset, England. Her TikTok account, @makeupmetamorphos, has over 1.3 million followers and tons of wild and intricate looks, like this hyperrealistic Dwight from The Office:


    @makeupmetamorphos / Via

    Her work spans many genres and fandoms, from creepy content like Coraline...


    sorry i didnt post wybie yesterday guys, i ended up needing a lil break, he'll be up later today #duet with @makeupmetamorphos

    ♬ original sound - emilyjanegunn
    @makeupmetamorphos / Via Harry Potter...


    from muggle to wizard just like that! come back tomorrow to see harry with the dark lord! #harrypotter #transformationmakeup #lockdownlewks

    ♬ Harry Potter Theme Song - Ost
    @makeupmetamorphos / Via Disney-inspired looks like Bruce from Finding Nemo, which took about 16 hours and is one of Lucy's personal favorites:


    what's a couple bites like you doing out so late? #makeup #shark #findingnemo #jaws

    ♬ Jaws Theme - Jaws
    @makeupmetamorphos / Via, @makeupmetamorphos

    As someone who can barely get her eyeliner right on any given day, I'm completely mesmerized!


    Lucy told BuzzFeed that she's been doing makeup since 2013 and started getting into special FX makeup just last year in May. She's completely self-taught in all of her creative looks.

    She also said that she loves using TikTok because "you can really get your personality across more than in pictures. I like to use a lot of funny sounds (basically becoming a professional meme at times) to make people laugh and bring a smile (or shock)."

    @makeupmetamorphos / Via

    "The response has honestly been amazing. I'm still in awe that so many people enjoy my art and like to request characters/transformations. I still have to pinch myself from time to time to fully believe it. I never would have guessed that in just over a year, I’d now be at 1.3 million followers. It still blows my mind!"

    Lastly, when asked if she had any advice for fellow makeup artists, Lucy told BuzzFeed, "Try not to compare yourself to other artists (as hard as that is), and try to remember that you may be comparing yourself to somebody much farther in their journey, so there's no reason you cannot reach that skill level! The only person you should compare yourself to is your old work to see how much progress you’ve made. Oh, and practicing is your best friend. Practice, practice, practice is most definitely the most important thing in growing your skills!"

    You can follow Lucy on TikTok and Instagram to see whom she transforms into next! Personally, I can't wait to see her latest creations.