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    14 Screenshots That Prove What A Nightmare US Healthcare Can Be

    Don't call an ambulance — just take an Uber.

    1. This story of two people who wanted to get married, but couldn't because doing so would lead to one of them not being able to afford insulin:

    2. This gut-wrenching headline that proves even a Nobel Prize can't protect you from huge medical costs:

    3. This hospital staff that wasted absolutely no time:

    4. This "feel-good" headline that actually reads like something out of a dystopian novel:

    5. This ambulance bill that makes a strong case for simply taking a taxi to the hospital:

    6. This company's idea of a fun raffle:

    7. This harsh reality that comes with being kicked off your parents' insurance plan at 26 years old:

    8. This poor, grieving mother who got charged $60,000 by the hospital who harvested her son's organs:

    9. This insurance company that basically said, "Sorry, we aren't covering your heart transplant, but you can 'fundraise' to afford it instead!!!":

    Insurance groups are recommending GoFundMe as official policy - where customers can die if they can’t raise the goal in time - but sure, single payer healthcare is unreasonable. h/t @DanRiffle

    Twitter: @AOC

    10. This horrendously vicious cycle that feels never-ending:

    11. This life-saving medication that'll cost you a couple grand:

    12. This child who didn't live long enough to be put on his mother's insurance, and therefore she got charged:

    13. This statement that literally begs the question, "why even pay for insurance?"

    14. And finally, this reminder that if you have a baby in the US and want to hold it right after it's born, you'll be charged $40:

    h/t: ABoringDystopia