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    19 Unpopular "Mean Girls" Opinions That'll Make You Look At The Movie Differently


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their unpopular Mean Girls opinions. Here are the things people thought were totally NOT fetch:

    1. Cady and Aaron shouldn't have ended up together.


    He had zero personality and she had a lot of maturing to do still. Plus, they had no chemistry at all.


    They just weren’t a good couple.


    2. Janis was the actual villain — not Cady or Regina.


    While both those characters had their issues, Janis never took real responsibility for pressuring and molding Cady into what she wanted her to be in order to seek some middle school revenge on Regina. Janis was also a mean girl in my opinion!


    3. JK, Janis was the best.


    I think Janis was the best character. She went through shit with Regina and finally got her back. She was also a great artist and I’m still mad that Cady ditched her art show. She really cared about her friends and she deserved the world.


    4. Gretchen should've developed more as a character.


    Having her serve a different queen bee made me feel like she learned absolutely nothing. I would've liked her to develop her own personality and find her own interests.


    5. Janis should've been a lesbian.


    "Just because stereotypes apply to you doesn't mean you can't also be sick of them. I saw myself in Janice until they (kinda forcefully) put her in a relationship with a guy."


    6. Regina should've been a lesbian.


    It would explain why she started the rumor about Janis (internalized homophobia, projecting her own feelings onto her friend), how she only ever seemed to use boys as tools for power, and how (I’m being stereotypical here but the movie came out in 2004 and uses plenty of stereotypes so i think it fits) how naturally she fell in with the 'butch' girl jocks. Plus, what a plot twist!


    7. In fact, Janis and Regina should've gotten together.


    8. Gretchen and Karen weren't that mean.


    Gretchen was gossipy, but I don't think she and Karen were actually mean to anyone. They seemed like normal teen girls. I've been friends with and have known lots of Karens and Gretchens in school, but Regina and Cady seemed over-the-top mean to me.


    9. Regina wasn't mean either, she was just a go-getter.


    If Regina were a guy, all we'd be talking about was his ambition and leadership.


    10. Janis and Damian were actually the worst.


    They were trash people and even trashier friends who coerced Cady into doing things she didn’t agree with because she didn’t want to be alone, when she was already going through the huge change and starting to socialize in an actual school. Not only that, but instead of recognizing how shitty they were to her, they proceeded to pin the blame on her for everything without actually owning up to what they did.


    11. Cady didn't owe Janis and Damian anything.


    Cady was never really that good of friends with Janis and Damian. She hung out with them for a few days, and then spent the rest of the year as a plastic treating them like garbage. Why did they care so much? She was just a new girl they tried to make friends with who chose a different clique as she settled in. It's not like she was their lifelong friend who suddenly turned bitchy.


    12. Aaron Samuels was actually trash.


    Everyone mostly agrees Regina is a jerk, but what does it say about Aaron that he went back to her, when he was already into Cady and knew she liked him, and was at least partly aware Regina wasn’t a great person?


    13. Karen deserved better.


    Karen should've had a bigger redemption arc. She was obviously just a follower but came to realize her own worth and that should have been emphasized more.


    14. Gretchen was actually the victim.


    She was the only, and I do mean the ONLY, victim in the entire movie.


    15. Regina was actually the victim.


    Her friends betrayed her and she was under a lot of pressure, as she was constantly under the public eye and the only way she could release any tension was on others!


    16. Damian should've gotten a boyfriend.


    The fact that he didn't is a crime against gay culture.


    17. More specifically, Damian and Aaron should've gotten together.


    18. The Plastics should've stayed together — and remained plastic.


    19. And finally, Cady should've been hit by the bus.


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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