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    26 Tweets About Living In LA That Prove It's A Very...Interesting Place

    Do we need to come over there and help sort things out?

    1. On driving:

    LA traffic means dealing with airplanes now

    2. On traffic in general:

    People who romanticize LA traffic are the ones who have never been stuck on the 5 or the 405 for an hour lmfaoo

    3. On road rage:

    Incase y’all were wondering why LA traffic is so bad 😊

    4. On freeways:

    LA Freeways Ranked by Emotion 2: Relative Despair 101: Utter Despair 105: Despair 110: Despair 134: Despair 210: Occasional Despair 118: Occasional Discomfort 60: Despair 710: Despair 170: OccasionalDespair 5: Utter Despair 10: Hopeless Despair 405: Nihilistic Despair

    5. On construction:

    This is why LA freeway construction takes forever

    6. On parking:

    Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A thread:

    7. On the changing of the seasons:

    I love seeing the leaves change colors in Los Angeles in the fall.

    8. On rain:

    when it finally rains in LA, people be like...

    9. On beach views:

    Santa Monica beach view of Malibu burning down.

    10. On Hollywood:

    that hollywood crack be hittin different

    11. On politics:

    talking to people in LA about politics

    12. On earthquakes:

    I love how people in LA rate earthquakes like wine. “It was crisp with a good weight and a nice finish.”

    13. On heatwaves:

    14. On its precious screenplays:

    just overheard my neighbor (hot) very earnestly tell her boyfriend (beanie, tank top) ‘there’s no such thing as a bad screenplay idea, kevin.’ should i tell them should i move

    15. On avocado toast:

    "Market price" for avocado toast has to be the most L.A. thing to have ever L.A.-ed.

    16. On airports:

    LAX —> LAX flight complete. Flight time, 8 hours and 20 minutes.

    17. On hiking:

    18. On hiking Runyon Canyon in particular:

    Club runyon going off right now 🔥💰

    19. On bars:

    bars in LA be like “try our new stem cell margaritas”

    20. On clubbing:

    just wanna take a moment to say that a club in LA played kiwi and people started MOSHING

    21. On public transportation:

    west hollywood just doesnt give a fuck anymore lmao

    22. On dating:

    23. On coffee shops:

    thinking of my favorite LA coffee shop experience when i went to work on a paper and paid $9 for an americano and when i asked for the wifi the barista told me they didn’t have wifi but if i sat close to the window i could connect to the mcdonald’s next door

    24. On apartments:

    “Haha you live in ohio.” -someone who struggles to pay for their one bed room LA apartment and has no air conditioning

    25. On rent:

    Rent in LA about to be $7000 a month for a 1 bedroom because y’all can’t read.

    26. On literally everyone in LA:

    Everyone in LA is trying to lose weight, has a screenplay idea and secretly hates themselves.

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